Enjoy Massage in Jakarta

Welcome to Jakarta!
Jakarta offers lots of entertainment you can enjoy. Although this city is very crowded and traffic jams is everywhere, still tourists love to come…especially those who like shopping!

One thing you can also enjoy is massage or spa in Jakarta. Jakarta offers massage services with very good prices.
If you look for professional massage therapist or save massage service, you’re already at the right blog!
Maybe you come with your family, or you’re very tired after working/flights and you’re looking for good massage that can relief your stress… you can contact our operator, and we will love to provide massage service for you.

It is time for you to enjoy massage in Jakarta, of course with very reasonable budget price.
You might not get this wonderful experience of massage in your country with this kind of price..

Well, don’t wait any longer to make booking…

Massage Jakarta. Rp 100.000/ 1,5 hrs, Rp 120.000/2 hrs.

CALL US: Jakarta: 021-32768794 / 021-94756891

We cover area South Jakarta, West Jakarta, and Central Jakarta.

Our services: (Additional fee of Rp 20.000 for calls between 10:30 pm – 7 am)
For Women and Men.

Hot Stones Massage and Face Massage Rp 170.000/2,5 hrs
Traditional Body Massage: Rp 100.000/ 1.5 hours, or Rp 210.000 / 2 hrs
Reflexology: Rp 100.000 / 1.5 hours
Prenatal / Postnatal Massage: Rp 120.000 / 2 hours
Exfoliating Body Scrub Massage: Rp 140.000 / 2 hours


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