Home/Call Massage Service in Jakarta

Home/call massage service in Jakarta prices vary, usually influenced by 2 things, that is the type of spa (is purely a professional massage or ‘ plus ‘) and the distance to your home. Usually a pure professional massage call is cheaper compared to impersonate, and the farther the distance massage rates certainly will be more expensive.

Kaizen Mobile Spa is a home spa massage service in Jakarta that is pure spa professional. Our therapists average 35-4o y.o., while young therapists just allowed for female customers or couple husband-wife.

We’ve also has 6 branches of service: Palmerah, Tebet, Sunter, Pondok Indah, Meruya, and Jagakarsa. With the presence of branches Kaizen Mobile Spa above, allows the distance to home customers more closely, so that rates can be cheaper.

Home/call massage service in Jakarta if you use Kaizen Mobile Spa is a Mobile Idr 120,000/1.5 hours, Rp 150,000/2 hours. The price includes the cost of transport therapists. The duration of treatment in accordance with your order, will not be lacking.

If in our service you are dissatisfied, please contact our operators. We are ready to provide accommodate criticism and provide the best solution.

For other treatment rates, please visit our website at www.24mobilespa.com


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